Ahar market - PHOTO


Oyannews: Ahar beauty market as one of the best markets of Azerbaijan after Tabriz. This market is a market town and other decorations can be seen below . The bulk of the second floor and has a straight back with an all brick dome .

The market building is old but in late July and mat Rshydalmlk Arasbaran ruler , changes and general maintenance of the building and completion of the half of Sha’ban 1321 AH Repair blessed night it opened .

Market is the AHAR has four branches :

1 – bazaar

2- Market Nasir glance

3- Market Ja’far Quli Khan

4- Market shoemakers

Ahar has written numerous portico entrance to the indoor market building , ” Naseer Baig ” , which has remained almost untouched . Tuesday Dkanlar orders and orders to add the White Mosque of Ahar neighborhood in Fort Qapvsy trade center that was . Market Coppersmith ( Msgrkhanh ) , Market Kolahdoozan , Order smiths , the Doab , Farmer’s Market and other sectors of the market.

Ahar Arasbaran largest city and known as the center of this area . The road over the city of Tabriz – Tabriz East is located 90 kilometers north of Baku .

The historic towns of Ahar , Iran remains Inscription Avrartvyy Sghndl and Sassanid castles are the most important monuments in the area.

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