Ayat Mehr alibaygLoo is facing the danger of death/His hunger strike has passed its 31st day

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Oyannews: after passing 31 days  from Ayat Mehralibaygloo’s hunger strike,  this Azerbaijanis rights Activist  still continues with his hunger strike. 

According to Oyannews, the political activist Ayat Mehralibaygloo (yurush), as a protest against the disturbances  that has been caused by the security officers to the families of  political prisoners started his hunger strike on Tuesday 15 April, 2014 and now is in its 31st  day.

In the last days his critical health condition was reported.

In the 22-nd day of hunger strike his family managed to meet Ayat Mehralibaygloo in the cabin, in Tabriz’s Prison.

According to his family he severely emaciated  and is suffering from intense stomach pain, in a way that he is not able to sleep.

50000000 website , based on  his family’s word reported that in the 30 day of his hunger strike he is suffering from severe weakness, gastrointestinal pain, chronic insomnia, biological and physiological imbalances.

According to this website Ayat Mehralibaygloo ( yurush)’s family  are concerned about his health condition and notify that he is in danger of death.

this civil activist is passing his 9 years of imprisonment in Tabriz central prison.

On Monday 29 April 2013, judge “Bager pour”  the head of the 3rd  branch of the  revolutionary court of Tabriz  sentenced Ayat Mehralibaygloo ( yurush) along with ”Shahram radmehr, Mahmood Fazli, Latif Hasani and Behboud Golizade” to 8 years of imprisonment for the charge of forming illegal groups and 1 year of imprisonment  for the charge of Propaganda against the Iranian Islamic régime, so in sum to 9 years of imprisonment.

This verdict was verified by judge “Imani” the head of 6thbranch of review court of East Azerbaijan province.

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