Behboud Gholizade was arrested


Oyan News : Behboud Gholizade, Azerbaijan’s civil rights activist from “Qoshachay” (Miandab)Was arrested by this city’s ministry of intelligence officer’s.

Based on information from Herana’s Reporters, -Iran Human Rights’ activists news agency, -Behboud Gholizade was arrested in “Qoshachay” (Miandab) city at 11:30 yesterday. Ministry of Intelligence’s officers after arresting him while creating fear and panic, inspected his home and after taking  his  personal computer and personal properties, transferred Behboud Gholizadeh to an unknown place.

According to the news which was received from local news agencies, ministry of intelligence’s officers came from Tabriz along with ministry of intelligence officers of “Qoshachay” (Miandab), arrested and took him .

Till now, Behboud Gholizadeh has been arrested twice by security officers and has been sentenced to prison. He is the director of the Azerbaijan’s Yashil NGO which its license was cancelled by Qoshachay’s ( Miandoab ) city council on the charge of ethnicity.


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