Fourth day of Atiyye Taheri’s hunger strike to support “Said Matinpour”


Oyannews: ” Atiyye Taheri” – Women’s rights activist- is in hunger strike since four days ago to support “Said Matinpour”.

Based on  Oyannews’ report, Sought to announcement of hunger strike of Azerbaijanis journalist and activist “Said Matinpour”, his wife “Atiyye Taheri” started her hunger strike on Saturday 19 April 2014. She has announced her hunger strike on her personal Facebook page. she wrote on her Facebook page: I have no choice but to strike. Today an illegitimate authority is violating and beating the helpless captives. I cannot be silent.

In an interview with Oyannews’ reporter she confirmed her hunger strike and added that she is uninformed about Said Matinpour’s status and said: there is nothing I am able to do, and authorities do not want to hear our voice, at least I want to hear Said’s voice .

Today after transferring 10 prisoner from Solitary Confinement to the general section of Evin prison, it was noticed that prisoners in Solitary Confinement has been in a hunger strike.

Said Matinpour was one of the transferred prisoners to 240th section of Evin prison. He along with Asadollah Asadi-another  Azerbaijanis activist- and other 30 political prisoners were beaten whilst they were being transferred to solitary confinement of 240th section of  Evin prison on Thursday 17 April 2014 . They have been beaten severely by prison guards.

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