One year after the earthquakes in Azerbaijan


OyanNews: In spite of the assertion by the Iranian government authorities about the completion of the reconstruction efforts at the earthquake stricken regions of Qere Dagh, the compiling evidence suggests that the true reconstruction of these regions is far from completion.

According to the reports made by “Oyan News” reporter at the site, based on the official figures issued by the by the municipality of the City of Ahar, out of 1600 residential units that were destroyed by the 2012 earthquake and were issued reconstruction permit, only 140 have received a completion certificate up to now. This figure indicates that reconstruction of only less that 10% of the destroyed residential units in Ahar were considered complete by the city.

According to this report, significant delays in processing of the reconstruction loans, high amounts of mandated down payments for the reconstruction permit applications received after the new (Iranian) calendar year started, and skyrocketing cost of construction material could explain the cessation of the reconstruction efforts in city of Ahar.

Ahmadinejad: “The reconstruction of the earthquake stricken regions of Ahar, Haris and Varzaghan has been completed”

Abas Falahi Babajan, the parliamentarian representative of Ahar and Haris in his speech at the beginning of a public hearing of the parliament over two months ago, notified the parliament about Ahmadinejad’s announcement, regarding the completion of the reconstruction efforts in the regions earthquake stricken regions of Ahar, Haris and Varzaghan, on his most recent visit to the region. Falahi Babajan pointed out that in response to Ahmadinejad’s aforementioned announcement they wrote a letter to him where they indicated that in fact 2500 residential units in Ahar and Haris, 3000 residential units in villages and 4000 husbandry units are still remaining to be reconstructed and this situation is disturbing people of the region.

In recent days many authorities including the governor of the Eastern Azerbaijan province, Mr. Beigi, had mentioned about organizing a celebration of the completion of the reconstruction efforts in Qere Dagh on the anniversary of the earthquake, which received prompt angry reactions by the Azerbaijan people in the social networks.

Activists in Azerbaijan believe that in his counting days left from his presidency, Ahmadinejad is trying to use his propaganda machines to portrait a fictitious report regarding the objectionable reconstruction process at earthquake stricken Qere Dagh region.

On 11 Aban (November 1) In his last year’s visit to the region, Ahmadinejad had said that “by the end of the month of Aban all of the earthquake stricken people must have a roof over their heads.” The primary vice president as well had promised that the reconstruction of the region will be completed in 2 months. The governor of Eastern Azarnaijan province

, Beigi, had promised that the reconstruction efforts shall be completed between the two religious holidays, “Fetr” and “Qorban” last year.


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